Regeneration deck (psychic)


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    Regeneration deck (psychic)

    Post  venom1991 on Sat Nov 12, 2011 8:41 pm


    reinforced human psychic borg x1
    glow-up bulb x2
    hushed psychic cleric x2
    esper girl x2
    serene psychic witch x3
    silent psychic wizard x3
    psychic commander x2
    overdrive teleporter x1
    krebon x3
    windaar, sage of gusto


    mystical space typhoon x1
    miracle syncro fusion x3
    psychic feel zone x2
    dark hole x1
    mind control x1
    future glow x1
    emergency teleport x1
    enemy controler x1
    heavy storm x1
    pot of duality x1
    monster reborn x1


    brain hazard x2
    solemn judgement x1
    torrential tribute x1
    trap dustshoot x1
    mirror force x1

    side deck = 13

    hyper psychic blaster x2
    psychic lifetranser x2
    psychic archfiend x1
    psychic android x2
    overmind archfiend x1
    thoguht ruler archfiend x1
    ultimate axon kicker x2
    brio x1
    armoury arm x1

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