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    Post  puddizzle on Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:44 pm

    As you know, the OCG metagame is pretty different from the TCG metagame. TCG has cards such as Reborn Tengu, Tour Guide, etc., while the OCG metagame has cards such as Diagusto Phoenix, Lavalval Chain, as well as some archetypes that have yet to be released or fully supported in the TCG Game, such as Gishki and Vylon. As a result, a lot of the techniques and playstyles that the OCG has are completely different from the TCG. For example, the TCG has a conception of "staple spells and traps" - the OCG has nothing of the sort. You can go into a game and see no Mirror Force, no Torrential, no Dark Hole.

    I am an OCG player, so I tend to play with the OCG mindset. I also build OCG decks, popular in the OCG Meta (and those which are not-so-popular). I also make some TCG decks, but I make sure they are a) fun and b) potent.

    i've build a variety of OCG decks, including:
    - Diagusto OTK
    - Lavalval Chain OTK
    - Evolzar Turbo
    - Escuridão OTK
    - Vylons
    - Gishki
    - Sacred Region

    I've also built a some TCG decks.
    - Fortune Ladies
    - Inti/Quilla
    - Odin
    - Machina Gadgets
    - Ice Barriers
    - X-Sabers

    As you can tell, I know a lot about the OCG meta. I'm your guy if you want to learn more about the OCG meta, build decks around OCG archetypes, and test your decks against OCG decks.

    My policy for decklists is that I'll give them out if you plan on using them for personal, building use and not competitive use (i.e. using the knowledge of my decklist to gain an advantage when we duel).

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