Need help on my infernity & fabled deck


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    Need help on my infernity & fabled deck

    Post  DragUlach on Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:36 am

    Fabled ashenveil x1
    fabled krus x1
    fabled ksuhano x1
    fabled raven x2
    fabled soulkius x1
    goldd, wu-lord of dark world x2
    infernity archfiend x2
    infernity avenger x1
    infernity beetle x3
    infernity destroyer x1
    infernity general x1
    infernity guardian x2
    infernity knight x2
    infernity mirage x1
    infernity necromancer x1
    the fabled cerburrel x1
    the fabled chawa x1
    card destruction x1
    dark hole x1
    heavy storm x1
    infernity launcher x1
    dark bribe x2
    full salvo x1
    infernity barrier x2
    infernity force x1
    infernity inferno x1
    infernity reflector x3
    mirror force x1
    solemn judgment x1
    Xtra deck:
    fabled leviathan x1
    fabled ragin x2
    fabled valkyrus x2
    Infernity doom dragon x2
    The fabled kudabbi x2
    The fabled unicore x1

    If someone can help with this, it would be good...
    I don't know what to add & what to take off


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    Re: Need help on my infernity & fabled deck

    Post  GENERAL TROLL on Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:11 am

    lol infernities play with no type of hand. and u have all these others conflicting ideas in there. infernities also play max of 16 monsters with average at 13-14.if u wanna see my build id be glad to give it. of course its just a begginner duel as i just use it to test but lol i still have fun with it.

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