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    King Storm's Villainous Den #3

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    About Me

    Name - Siyavash Memar
    Age - 15
    Location - New Zealand, the small Island Next to Australia.
    Country Of Birth - Persia

    How long have you Been playing Yu-Gi-Oh? 7 Years In New Zealand
    When did you first hear about Yu-Gi-Oh? 7 Years Ago

    Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh Character?


    Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh GX Character?

    Zane Truesdale/Hell Kaiser Ryo

    Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Character?
    Yusei Fudo

    Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL Character?

    Ryoga Kamishiro

    How Many Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments Have you Participated in IRL?
    What was Your Placing In the Above Tournament(s)?
    Tournament 2005 - 17th Using a Water Beatdown xD
    Tournament 2009 - 9th Using Amateur Monarch Deck
    Tournament 2010 - 11th Using Plant Deck

    And Hopefully
    Tournament 2011 - Machina Deck Or My Badass Merchant OTK If i get around to make the money for it

    (Click Images to be sent to the site)

    My User - King Storm
    Pm me if your up for a duel.

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