King Storm's Deck Shop, Click ME!


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    King Storm's Deck Shop, Click ME!

    Post  Kryune on Sun Oct 23, 2011 10:16 pm

    Ok this is how it's going to work out

    I can make some.. pretty good decks, not amazing, not pro decks, but some good decks, i mean, i've beaten almost half of the obelisk + ranks
    with my okayish decks,

    So if you wish to Buy one of my decks from me this is What i'm selling

    XYZ Gadgets

    Some friends gave, some i found and editted, some i made myself.

    If you wish to buy one, these are the costs

    SIX SAMS - Swap for a Agent Deck - NOT NET DECKED
    XX Sabers - Swap for a OTK Deck - Not Net decked
    Decayed Earthbounds - Swap for a Quilbolt Loop Deck
    Monarchs - Swap for a Ice Barrier deck
    Wetlands - Obelisk the Tormentor Deck
    Bad Reaction - Spellcasters
    XYZ Gadgets - 2 Consistent Decks of your choice
    Yubel - Exodia OTK/FTK

    My earthbounds are currently my fave deck, beating many of the 1100 + Ranked members on dueling network, and Of course, Reign, and EHeroduelist of EDC

    Six Sams, No idea where i got those, but they rock, Beat Poker with it Smile [He hates six sams due to their auto behaviour]

    XX Sabers, A good consistent deck, 18 Wins, 6 Loss

    Bad Reaction, An all-time favorite, just host 4000 LP Duels, and Win with ease,

    Wetlands, Great for destroying beater decks and etc, hard against macros and monarchs- It's a Partial Stall deck stall+atk

    Monarchs,Just a kickass Monarch deck, around 23 Wins, and 14 Loss My 2nd Fave


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    Post  pacobelial on Tue Nov 01, 2011 2:11 pm

    Well I am starting to check out this shops... I dont want to get the full idea of you guys not my style but I would really appreciate a little help with my new Reptilianne Deck, well hope you can help me here goes the list XD

    Mons x21
    Reptilianne Gardna x3
    Reptilianne Gorgon x3
    Reptilianne Medusa x3
    Reptilianne Naga x3
    Reptilianne Scylla x3
    Reptilianne Vaskii x3
    Reptilianne Viper x3
    Just reptilianne lol

    Spells x12
    Allure of Darkness x1
    Dark Hole x1
    Reptilianne Spawn x3
    Monster Reborn x1
    MST x2
    Snake Rain x1
    Viper's Rebirth x3

    Traps x8
    Offering to the Snake deity x3
    Snake whistle x3
    Ojama trio x2

    Extra Deck
    Reptilianne Hydra x3
    Gaia x1
    Brionac x1
    Stardust x1
    Catastor x1
    Leviathan x1
    Utoipa x2
    Steelswarm Roach x1

    Well... that is the deck... I like how it works I have beaten a lot of decks with it but I cant defeat those DW and those Tengu, bulb, etc etc thingy.... I would like to improve the Spell/ trap base more than using any mons of other archetypes


    Re: King Storm's Deck Shop, Click ME!

    Post  Guest on Wed Nov 02, 2011 7:27 am

    the only decks you've ever beat me with is sams and sabers.
    Even then, nothing to brag about. Neutral meta decks suck/overplayed/overpowered Neutral|

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    Re: King Storm's Deck Shop, Click ME!

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