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    Alias: Silver the Dragon

    Fav decks:
    Unconventional decks


    I can mainly be contacted on deviantART, an art website that has everything from anime, to photography, to novels. If anyone has a deviantART account, please tell me so I can watch you! My username is the same there.

    My real calling is art and writing, right now I'm working on pt.3 of a Spyro the Dragon fanfic, but I also have a yugioh fic on indefinite hold. I'm striving to become a great artist, and have a passion for dragons.

    I have ADD, so I can and will change decks without notice just cause I'm bored. ^_^ My favs are Dragunities, and even built a real life deck for $200, but I've been known to use everything from Simochi to Vanilla decks.

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