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    Post  self destruct button on Sun Nov 20, 2011 8:56 am

    Hi guys

    my real name is Ramez.I'm 11 years old.Many of you may say too young or dont know how to play YGO cause of my age.But that's wrong,yeah i'm young but i know manythings about dueling and i like dueling very very very much.i'm always trying new decks and learing new things about YGO like from about 2 months 1 summoned nova about 12 times and quasar about 2 times.
    My DN name may be:
    coolramez yusie.fudo readytoduel
    quasar dude jack.atlas
    Gallis ftk self destruct button
    yusei.fudo hero time
    anyone want a duel i'm ready

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