Exam Rules! (READ FIRST)


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    Exam Rules! (READ FIRST)

    Post  GENERAL TROLL on Thu Oct 13, 2011 5:28 am

    Deck Restriction List:
    No Infernities
    No Six Samurais.
    No Mill out.
    No Exodia.
    No Stall.
    No Dark worlds.
    No Burn.
    No FTK/OTK.
    No Pure Agent Build (Monster Mash is fine)

    Alongside this, testers may make misplays, you must spot these as it will go to final ranking.must use 2 diffrent decks

    There will be TWO duels, and you must use TWO different decks.

    If you go 1 loss and 1 win during the tests, a third duel will be held and you must use a third deck.

    If you use these in a test, it will count as a loss.
    The tester will not warn you that you are using the wrong deck,
    so if your using the wrong deck we assume you did not read this page,
    thus did not follow our simple rules.

    If a tester uses any of these decks, you can report him to me or General poker, with a screenshot and it will be dealt with, and you are entitled to a retest.

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