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    Post  FilipeQ on Sat Nov 05, 2011 7:11 am

    Something about me, huh?

    I'm Filipe. Derp. I am from Poland. Deerrrp.
    Well i don't know why i am playing YGO, maybe because it's little addictive game. I hate FPS games (suprised? Very Happy), i prefer music games. DDR? Guitar Hero? No problem, lol.
    But i am not total video game maniac. I can't live without some music, good books and anime. Very Happy

    Well i will not tell everything about me, because someone in THIS dorm used informations from my profile page on DN against me during one of duels. I got called gay, faggot...i don't remember the rest. There was a lot of it.

    Want to face me or talk? My DN nickname is the same as here or PM me.

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