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    HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO DUEL LIKE YUSEI JACK AND CROW?TRY OUT THE NEW TURBO DUEL RULES. (note most of these rules are made up, do not try this type of duel with random DN users. Rules are based on yugioh 5d's.) test out these rules and post comments below on how to improve the game.

    each deck must use malefic world as field spell
    malefic world will be treated as speed world 2
    both users will search the deck for malefic world and play it
    no other field spells can be activated
    speed world 2 cannot be destroyed by card effects
    quick-play spell cards are speed spells

    speed world 2’s text (modified) : If a normal spell card is activated the controller of that cards takes 1000 points of damage and subtracts 1 speed counter . If a continous/equip spell card is activated, the controller of the card takes 1000 points of damage and subtracts 2 counters. During each players stand-by phase, each player places one speed counter of their own on this card (up to 12 each). You can remove any number of your own speed counters from this card to activate an appropriate effect:

    4-inflict 800 points of damage to your opponent for each “speed spell” in your hand

    7-draw 1 card

    10-select and destroy 1 card on the field

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